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3 Steps to Create a SEO Friendly Title Tag

  1. Choose your keywords wisely

SEO begins with keyword research. Without the same, you will not know what to work on. You are not aware if they have any search volume, your competition and if your content is relevant or not. So, always ensure to choose a primary keyword you will be focusing on. Then choose a set of secondary and long tail keywords to make them fit. If you are not aware on how to manage content as a whole, hire a local SEO in Singapore expert.

  1. Draft your title tag

If you are writing on WordPress, you will find a dedicated field for the Title. It will act as Title and the H1 tag by default. If you are working on a custom made website, ask your developer about the title meta tag that where you can insert the title at. Always write title before the article and then improve it later on until it sounds the best.

  1. Optimize the title tag

When you write an article, it may happen that new ideas pop up in your head while in the process. Some of them could be relevant to be included in the title too. Hence, you may have to rewrite your title to make it sound perfect. Optimizing the title tag isn’t as easy as it looks. So, always aim to make it as catchy as possible. Hence, make the most of Open Graph and Twitter cards for optimizing the titles for social media. But always aim to keep things simple. After the article has been published, keep an eye on the article and title and check how it is performing on Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

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